Ponder for thought.

Hi All,

Yesterday I was at church, in AGIF (Abundant Grace International Fellowship) 3 p.m. service in Shanghai, for Chinese New Year.

The topic of yesterday’s sermon was How to love your neighbor.

And the pastor shared this very thought provoking question, of why our world today is lacking so much compassion and he cited this example.

It is a real example from Los Angeles maybe about 2 years back, which was published in Los Angeles News.

A group of candidates were taking the State Legal Examination. Suddenly, a candidate was suffering from cardiac arrest, and 2 candidates immediately applied CPR to that candidate and saved his life. In return, by doing the act, they lost 40 minutes. And the State exam invigilator refused to let these 2 candidates make up for the 40 minutes that they have lost.

The candidates appealed, and apparently, the State Examination Board stood by the State Invigilator’s decision and agreed that these 2 candidates should not be allowed additional time to complete their State exam, citing that “they needed to get their priorities right”.

Oh really???????? So what should they do in the future if similar incidents happen? Just let the guy die of heart attack, instead of making a difference to his family??????????

Well, this is something for us to ponder about for sure.


My latest TripAdvisor Reviews have been published.

Hi All,

Hope everyone did have a good Chinese New Year break, and is getting all ready to welcome the year of the Dog.

Here is taking the opportunity to wish everyone good health, prosperity and longevity in this year of the Dog. Woof Woof!!!!!!!!

Anyway, my latest TripAdvisor Reviews have been published.

Links as follows:




More TripAdvisor Reviews should be coming up soon, so do watch out for this space.

My 2nd article appearing in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, their Special Column tomorrow.

Hi All,

Do check the South China Morning Post out tomorrow, as my 2nd article appearing in their Special Column tomorrow.

I submitted the article about a week ago.

Link to the article as follows, and can be found in both of my Facebook accounts, at eunicexie@yahoo.co.uk, and bingocloud@hotmail.com.



My latest TripAdvisor Reviews have been published.

Hi All,

Hope everybody is still having a great start work wise or study wise. It’s so good that it is Friday again today (otherwise known as TGIF in Singapore), so that can have a break from work or school tomorrow.

Anyway, my latest TripAdvisor Reviews have been published.

Links as follows:



I have been to more eating places recently, and so shall be writing up more reviews soon; so please do watch out for this space.


My 1st article appearing in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, their special column tomorrow.

Hi All,

Hope everyone is having a good start to the year, be it work wise or study wise.

Anyway, so glad that my 1st article is appearing in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, their special column tomorrow.

I submitted the article before mid-December last year (2017).

Please go to my Facebook page, at eunicexie@yahoo.co.uk, to check for details.

My newspaper contributions for the year 2017.

Hi All,

Happy New Year to everyone.

Since now it is the start of the New Year, it is time to reflect back on my newspaper contributions for the last year (2017).

In the last year, I had a total of 10 articles published in the New Paper Views (maybe they changed the Editor some time last year, and so views are more focused on specialized writers, rather than that of the readers), 15 articles published in the Singapore mainstream newspaper lianhe zaobao, their forum; a total of 18 articles published in Hong Kong South China Morning Post’s special column and also 1 article in their Letters to the Editor.

So all in all, I had a total of 44 articles published in all the newspapers. I set my goal to be at least 12 articles for all these 3 newspapers. So with the exception of the New Paper, I have now exceeded my goal. I am particularly satisfied and happy that almost all of my articles made it to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, their special column; whereas the year prior to last year still have quite a few published in their Letters to the Editor, though more of course in their special column.

The reason that there are not so much articles published last year is that since my relocation to Shanghai of China in mid-January 2017, I have started joining Bible Study Fellowship, which was a very systematic study and there was homework to be completed daily. And so that was my first priority, and not newspaper writing. I only got to contribute more during their term break, which is: since the 3rd week of May or so, for about 4 months; and Xmas break for 3 weeks. So I would have to say that I am really happy with the amount of newspapers articles which got published throughout last year. At least, it reached 73%, and that was not bad really. :-p

So, hooray and well done to me. :):):)

Hope this year I will have even more newspaper contributions, and also growing more spiritually mature through the Bible Study Fellowship which will resume again on next Tue (Jan 9).

This year’s Bible Study Fellowship, we are focusing on the Book of Romans. We will resume from Chapter 8 of the Book of Romans when the class resumes next Tue morning.