Briefly about myself

I am a middle 30s married woman, quit working both voluntary, pro bono and paid work since Feb 2012, after my recurrent miscarriages (as I was not aware that I was expecting) when I started doing pro bono work in a medium-sized lawyer firm.

I wrote to Straits Times forum since 3 years ago, but at the first 2 years, was just 2 or 3 posts, though I got invited to their ST Forum Writer’s Dialogue yearly.

Started writing to their forum again after the Dialogue last year. Was just trying out my luck, not expecting much. However, strangely, as their editor accepted more and more of my articles, I somehow became addicted to writing. I do write on a daily basis, but of course not all of them got accepted.

I set myself a target of reaching 100 posts till the Dialogue again this year. And bingo, I hit my target on this Tue.

I was also featured in their Writer of the Week Forum page in early Dec last year.

Now thinking of what next target I should set myself for this coming year.

Of course, I could have exceeded my target by much more, if not for the 2 weeks holiday in early June in USA and Hong Kong, and not for my blighted ovum (short-lived happiness) after coming back.

One of my readers suggested that when I reached 100 articles, to publish a book. Well, not a bad idea at all, still thinking about it.

Now thinking of what to do research on and write for my next Straits Times forum article.

I occasionally write to Today’s Voices as well, but not a lot of my work got published. So far about 6, I believe.


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