Launching of new menu at friend’s Vietnamese restaurant in Aperia Mall.

This is my 2nd time visiting the above restaurant on last Sunday (7 Dec), as that was the day that the new menu was launched, after the restaurant’s opening in Aperia Mall some 2 months ago. My family went during lunch time.

We ordered the dry noodles with pork and chicken, as my mom cannot take beef due to gout issue. Crispy spring rolls were added into the noodles, and the adding of the salty vegetables in the noodles made it very tasty. As it is dry, it came with salty vegetable soup, which is a really big bowl. 🙂 The disposable paper bowls had also been changed to normal bowls, which are quite large, in my view. It would be even better if the spring rolls could be changed to Fuzhou fish balls, because currently at slightly between $7 to $9, it may be too expensive for some of the white-collar workers.

The friend also recommended us to try the baguette as it has been refined after my husband’s complaint last time. Now the bread is definitely not so hard, and also the flavour of the meat could be tasted (such as chicken, or pork). We are free to ask for chili sauce to add to the baguette.

If you are interested, please do try out my friend’s restaurant. It is located at Aperia Shopping Mall, #01-17. Its website is For easy identification, the restaurant is located next to Old Town Coffee House, so it can easily be mistaken as part of their restaurant.

The last time I heard from my friend, he is planning to do deliveries for his restaurant, should the need arises. And vouchers and cards will be given in the nearly 3 blocks of condominiums within this week or so. So please do watch out for them, and recommend your friends to go there.


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