My latest press article that appeared in the New Paper yesterday

My press article that appeared in the New Paper yesterday, on the topic of drug pushers targeting youth

The title of my article is “Parents, schools and govt must play their part”.

I was concerned to read that drug pushers have come up with a novel way of getting young people addicted- candy laced with cannabis- as reported in “Sweet temptations mask harmful substance” (The New Paper, Dec 11) (all in bold).

What is particularly alarming is that most of the young drug addicts in our country today came from good schools and families. Many are Internet-savvy or take drugs at home or in school with friends.

Parents, working to feed the family, often do not know what their children are up to outside of school hours.

So how can parents prevent their children from becoming drug addicts?

They should always be emotionally available for their children, no matter how busy they are, as teenage children need a lot of affection and a listening ear.

When children realize that their parents do care for them, they are less likely to go astray and mix with the wrong crowd.

Parents should also watch out for children who break curfews on weekends or stay out later than usual.

They should encourage their children to have 1 or 2 close adult friends that they can confide in, such as school or church counsellor.

Schools can also play a part in the fight against drugs. The consequences of taking drugs should be compulsorily taught in the General Education syllabus in all secondary schools.

Finally, the Government should introduce even harsher penalties for drug pushers who take advantage of young people, knowing full well that the impact is likely to be permanent.

From Reader Eunice LI Dan Yue


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