I turned 40 on Wed, May 4.


I turned 40 on May 4, which was a few days ago. It is a milestone age to me. I know that I feel old, but then again age is only a number, and I am not old as long as I feel young at heart.

Hubby not in town, my mom also not in town. Luckily, my sister in law treated me to dinner in Shasalik restaurant. Sad that their founder Mr Tan went to heaven already last year; but their new management is not bad. Borsch soup came in bigger portion, though sister in law complained that it was too creamy. Escargots now got half dozen instead of 4. Egg millionnaire was also nice.

We had the beef that came on hot sizzling plate, I had medium well, while my sister in law had medium rare.

So glad that my youngest nephew managed to join me for dinner that night. Good to see that he has lost 6kg for his wedding which he just had.

We also had the Baked alaska, which served as our birthday cake. This time round the vanilla ice cream is definitely better than last Tue one, which was a bit hard, like just came out from the freezer.

Shall be back again for the nostalgia Russian food. 🙂




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