Remake of the banana cake on Thursday evening was successful.


Hope all of you are enjoying the weekend so far.

I remade the banana cake on Thursday evening, as the one I made on Monday, somehow it tasted funny, maybe due to the low fat butter which was salty so made the whole thing tasted a bit like bitter or off. Also, that time I made it, I did not have any kitchen scale at home, and also I was not sure how to use the hand mixer.

This Thursday one was a together work of my hubby and myself, as he was the one who mainly used the hand mixer, while I was the one who did the mixing of the ingredients etc. We added a bit of milk into the ingredients, as otherwise it seemed that the unsalted butter and the sugar alone did not turn milky white even while we were whisking.This time I had bought kitchen scale already, so we had the exact measurements of the ingredients. Also, we reduced the amount of unsalted butter from 100g to 70g; but that is still 1/3 of my one box of 210g butter, which my husband complained is a bit too much. 

Must be doing something right, as when we baked half way into the oven, around 20 minutes, the cake already had a line in the centre, without us drawing it in.

So happy that rushed into the kitchen to see that the delicious and gorgeous end product that while coming out of it, I banged the back of my right elbow hard onto the door handle, leaving me with 2 very long scratch marks, which will take 2 weeks to heal. :-p

Please go to my other Facebook page, at, to check for the end product details. I posted it on Thursday night’s Facebook. 🙂



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