Daily Prompt: Cake

via Daily Prompt: Cake

Today’s one word prompt is Cake. It is indeed not easy to make a cake. Even if it is just a small banana cake, previously when I first tried to make it a few months back in Singapore, I did not have any measuring equipment such as cup or spoon, so I could only guess estimate. And the end result is: the cake itself tasted rather funny, I may have to put too much baking soda in it.

Even if we like buying cakes from supermarkets and the shops or bakery, now we know that it is not an easy job, and will appreciate more not to waste it or to buy a smaller portion if we know that we ourselves or the whole family cannot finish it in a few days’ time.

Cakes with layers of course requires more patience and work to be done.

Hope we all will now appreciate cakes more.



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