Time flies. It is slightly over 100 days since my mom’s demise.

Hi All,

Time really flies.

It is over 100 days since my mom’s demise on May 22 (Sunday). It sometimes feel surreal, as still remembering how I was spending Chinese New Year with her in the house in Hong Kong; and my husband and myself never anticipated that the lunch we had together with her before sending her off to check in in the airport on Apr 6 would indeed be our last meal with her.

My husband’s last words to my mom: “Mom, you please take care of yourself” was indeed the last words.

Last year (2015)Oct we (my mom, myself and my husband Richard) still managed to fly to San Francisco to help her 2nd brother celebrate his 90th year old birthday. Who will have thought at that time, in less than 1 year’s time, all the 3 siblings-my mom, her 2nd and 3rd brother who departed this mortal world in a matter of 4 days, will be gone forever???????

The fact that she is gone forever is an unchangeable fact, her quiet room in Hong Kong with no TV sounds on anymore, looking at her eye glasses in almost every room that she used to work in, be it her bedroom, or her computer room is sometimes hard to swallow. Again since she is gone, she would want me to live a meaningful and fulfilling life for the rest of my life, rather than grieving over her loss too much.

Reminded me of the end sentence of a movie I watched lately, about a fortnight ago. The name of the movie was <A Walk to Remember>, the movie was about an 18 year old girl who was diagnosed with luekaemia was gone forever after the miracle adult boy that she met during the summer decided to marry her and help her spend the remaining summer days as that was her last wish) is gone like the wind, just like that, but I will always remember her.


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