Arguments is everywhere in our daily life.

via Daily Prompt: Argument

Well, we can have a lot of things that leads to arguments, for example: difference in opinions, different viewpoints, and different ideas etc.

Even family can easily argue, for example: when a mother is going to have an operation, which one of her children is going to bear the costs, the elder one, the eldest one, the younger one or the youngest one?

I have even have friends who argued bitterly with her daughter when she was praying together with her. She said that she just interrupted the prayer of the daughter; and the daughter then barked madly at her. That must be work of Satan.

It is hard not to have argument sometimes. However, arguments if constructive, can be quite beneficial too, as it makes people aware of their own shortcomings, for example: in formulating a company structure or policy.

When we are young, we argue over the smallest of things, such as fighting over toys and who is to get the favourite foods etc. When we grow older, we tend to be more mature and not to have senseless arguments anymore.

Friends, colleagues and business associates argue too.

There is no way that we can avoid arguments. However, the most important thing is to learn something from it.



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