My experience of using the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II

Hi All,

My friend who is now working for the Nu Skin in Hong Kong invited me to try their Galvanic Spa on last Sat (Nov 26) afternoon. She knows that I currently go to facials here in HK, on a biweekly basis, which cost $550 per time.

The good thing about the Galvanic Spa is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Now they the company Nu Skin is doing promotion for their 25th anniversary, so you pay $10,000 and you get their complete set, which include the 2 diffferent types of pre-treatment gels for the spa; and also body shaping gel, ice dancer (f0r sore and painful muscles after your exercise sessions), and another body gel, and their body spa. You also get 1 free complimentary spa. And they gave you a handcarry to put all those stuff in it for free too.

I used it for the first time on Sunday (Nov 27) night. I think I did not apply the gel or sufficient moisture mist to the back of the spa machine, thus seemed the effect was not so good. Tonight I followed exactly their instructions, and it worked perfectly fine this time.

Their recommendation is that you use the spa machine for a continuous 7 days, for the first time; then for optimal results, for 2 to 3 times a week.



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