A very insightful read

Hi All,

Today (actually yesterday Saturday as now it is after midnight already), I came across this very insightful read of a story forwarded by a brother or sister in my Singapore church bible study group.

The story went like this:

Once upon a time, there was a free thinking scholar who does not believe the theory that God exists. One day, in a certain big gathering of his, he announced to the full audience that God absolutely does not exist. When the audience believes and thinks that what he said makes a lot of sense, he then challenged God with a loud voice and said: “God, if you do have soul, please come down and kill me in front of these great audience, we will then believe that you do exist!” He deliberately waited for a few minutes. Of course God did not come down to kill him. He then looked to the left and the right and told the audience and said: “All of you see, God really does not exist!”

Unexpectedly, suddenly a woman stood up from the audience, she has a scarf around her head, she stood up and told the scholar: “Sir, your theory is very brilliant, and is a man very rich in knowledge. I am only a woman in a village, and cannot refute you for sure. I just want you to answer me a question in my heart: I have believed in God for a lot of years; with God’s salvation in my heart, I am very contented; I am even in love with the Bible, the more I read, the more I see through a lot of things; my heart is full of the comfort that Jesus gave me; because of my belief in Jesus, I have the greatest happiness in my life. May I ask: if when I die I find out that Jesus is not God’s son, God does not exist, and the bible is totally unreliable; my belief in Jesus for my whole life, what have I got to lose?” The free thinker pondered for a while, the whole audience all went quiet, even the scholar was shocked and answered naively in a very soft voice: “Ma’am, I think you do not lose anything.” The woman in the village again said to the scholar: “Thank you for your fantastic answer. There is still an unanswered question in my heart. If when you die, if you discover that there is really a God, that the Bible is indeed accurate and Jesus is indeed God’s son, and there is the existence of Heaven and Hell, can I please ask you, what have you lost?” The free-thinker paused for a long while, and is indeed totally lost for words.

Insight: When you are preaching God’s gospel, it does not have to be very long-winded.

Let this be our inspiration for today, and good night to you all.



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