First Xmas without my mom around, which is also her birthday.

Hi All,

Feeling slightly sad these few days, as 2 more days will be my mom’s birthday. If she is still around, will be 78 years old. 

This is also my first X’mas without my mom around anymore. 

Still trying to come to terms that she is no longer around with us anymore. Who would have thought last year X’mas, that it will be the last time we celebrated her birthday and had fun counting down to the New Year 2016?

Anyway, she must be so happy up there in heaven, as almost all of her siblings except 1 have reunited with the Lord. She is reunited with my dad who passed on 9 years ago, her 2 closest brothers, one who was her childhood playmate and companion, and another one who was the pillar of her family.

I still have not cleared her medical reports, which has been sitting inside a cabinet in her computer study room. Just think maybe I am not ready to do it yet.

Happy birthday to mom, in heaven.



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