My newspaper contributions for the year 2016.

Hi All,

Happy New Year to everyone.

Since now it is the New Year, it is time to reflect back on my newspaper contributions for the last year (2016).

In the last year, I had a total of 21 articles each published in the New Paper Your Say later on called Views when the tabloid was distributed free since Dec 1 2016, and the Singapore mainstream newspaper lianhe zaobao. I also had a total of 11 articles in Hong Kong South China Morning Post’s special column and also 7 articles in their Letters to the Editor.

So all in all, I had a total of 60 articles published in all the newspapers. I set my goal to be 12 articles at least each for these 4 sections, so they have now exceeded my goal. In the middle, due to the sudden demise of my mom in Hong Kong, I stopped contributing any articles for about 3 months, and resumed again only in August or so. Or else I may have more articles being published.

Anyway, hooray and well done to me. :):):)

Hope this year I will have even more newspaper contributions.

May have to change the newspaper that I am contributing to, as I am moving to Shanghai soon, in less than 2 weeks’ time, on Jan 14 (Sat).




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