Learnt to jump rope, which became my new found hobby at home.

Hi All,

I have relocated to Shanghai for more than 2 weeks already.

The first week was tough, without any VPN access, which we had to go to the China Mobile Company to apply for it. So that week, besides going to the gym, I could not really do anything else at home, so felt really bored.

Luckily, for the 2nd week, the issue was solved. I can again access to read newspaper articles in both HK and Singapore again, and can continue to contribute to them again.

I also got enrolled into the Bible Study Fellowship in Pudong in Shanghai. I attended the orientation on Jan 17 Tue morning at Abundant Grace, then they have 2 weeks’ break for Chinese New Year. And I got a call from the BSF leader Pauline on that weekend Jan 20 that I could attend their BSF class when their class resumes on Feb 7 Tue morning.

I currently attend the 11:00 a.m. English service in the Abundant Grace Church as well. Currently for the Chinese New Year, they are having only one 3 p.m. service in the afternoon.

Then I am doing personal training twice a week in the Tera Wellness Club next door to where I live; and the other non-training days, I am doing 2 times Yoga intermediate level class, and 1 time body combat class. So I am there in the gym almost every day. The trainer said my coordination is not that good, and since I do not know how to jump rope, I better learn to do it during the Chinese New Year period. And once I learnt it, I will be able to make faster progress in my personal training sessions.

I only managed to learn it last Saturday or so. I learnt how to throw the rope first. Then on the following day, learnt how to jump it the silly way, that is: rope goes across my body first, then both legs jump over. And then after that, learnt to throw rope and jump at the same time.

As the rope I got from the supermarket of Carre Four is made of plastic, can be a bit clumsy at times. I realized that when I am not thinking too much about it, then I can do it better than trying to focus my mind on the jumping of the rope.

So ever since I knew how to jump rope, I practised it for half an hour every day in the sitting room at home.

And that is on top of the gym training and exercises that I still go to on a regular basis.

One thing that amazed me recently is that the jumping rope might have improved my cardiovascular fitness, and so my rowing machine time throughout a span of 30 minutes improved quite a bit.










One thought on “Learnt to jump rope, which became my new found hobby at home.

  1. By the way, had resumed my personal training yesterday (Sat) at noon. The trainer said that my jumping rope is now okay, which implied that my coordination is getting better. However, I still need to work on the rhythm part, and also need to work on improving my balance.


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